The company acts as a facilitator between patients / visitors and various hospitals suggesting various options available based on the required treatment or other services.
We have tie-ups with various hospitals/clinics, hotels, interpreters, based abroad who provide Healthservices.
Today, the highest international quality of eye care for cornea, squint and glaucoma is available in over 40 centres all over India.
There are several Dental Care packages available. However, these will be based on the requirements of the person needs.
Many hospitals specialize in latest techniques and treatments such as minimal invasive surgery, cartilage and spine surgery.
When you travel overseas to other countries of the World to obtain medical or health care, it is called Health Tourism. You may choose any kind of Health care such as surgery, therapy and healing, dental care or cosmetic remedies.

India especially is a popular destination for Health treatment and you also have the opportunity to visit popular tourist places as a part of rehabilitation. In India, Knee / Hip replacement surgeries, cardiac surgeries, Ayurvedic cure, Yoga for healing and other complex surgeries are regularly performed on foreign patients.

Here are a few statistics on the Health Tourism industry:

  • SS Health and Tourism Services Private Limited was incorporated in 2008 and have been able to facilitate many happy customers from 2008

  • The primary destinations for overseas patients include India, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica and Singapore.For orthopedic and cardiovascular procedures, Overseas generally prefer to travel to India and Southeast Asia (e.g. Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia) where accreditation standards, healthcare infrastructure and choice of qualified physician is greater.

  • Common procedures include dental work, heart surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, fertility treatments, LASIK eye repair, and cancer treatments.

  • Savings vary worldwide and by procedure. Broadly, patients can expect rates 25%–75% less than those in the US. Savings for a full mouth restoration can run from $7k to $25k. Savings for a hip replacement range from $30–$50k. Savings for a heart valve replacement range from $20k to $45k

This is a surgical package, which includes domiciliary hospitalization and stay in India, in patient care, with healthcare advice.
The department of Neurology, Neurology & Trauma Surgery performed excellent results in replacement and operative arthroscopy.
Various non-cardiac planar / SPECT studies for bone, thyroid, liver and functions are performed at specialised centres in India.
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